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I'm a textile artist, teacher and quilter. I've been working with fabric for over 30 years and quilting for just over 20 years and I still haven’t accomplished everything I set out to achieve. There’s always something new to try and I love the challenge of approaching traditional methods with new techniques for the best results.

As a designer of original quilts, I’m passionate about sharing my work and encouraging quilters to try something new. Early on in my quilting I explored the possibilities of stencilling – a technique which is often perceived as somewhat new but which is actually an heirloom method dating right back to the first New England quilts. Whilst I love the freedom and control of stencilling my own designs, my most favoured technique has always been the look and workmanship of traditional needle turn applique ..and the modern ways to accomplish it with new tools and methods.


During my quilting adventure I've won over 40 Quilting Awards and have been featured in as many magazines and publications, showcasing my work. I'm passionate about my portfolio of expansive work and love connecting with other people who also share my passion for textiles. 

My quilt patterns are made in homes and shops across the world and I always love meeting new people and adventures as I share my creative journey. When I'm not fabric painting, thread stitching or creating murals, I like to design original quilt patterns. And each year I release at least one free BOM for anyone and everyone to take part in.

If you’re interested in quilting yourself, you may be interested in my BOM Quilt Group—it’s full of talented quilters sharing their journey, pictures and advice as they make any one of my projects. It’s more than an online quilting community; it’s a supportive friendship group too.


My blog is where I journal my day to day quilting activity and projects as well as share my ideas, explore techniques and launch BOMs. It also hosts an archive of my posts relating to any of my BOMs for easy tutorial reference, so do take a look if you're making any of my quilts. 


Why not visit and leave me a comment? 

I'd love to hear from you



I'm Esther Aliu


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