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The Beauty and  Technique of Stencil Quilts

Stencilling is a beautiful and thoroughly authentic quilting technique that offers you complete design control. It has always appealed to me and was one of the first design methods I experimented with when I started quilting 13 years ago. It’s a truly innovative approach to quilt design which has allowed me to create my own original motifs and style my own unique quilts.


You might be surprised to hear that stencilling is, in fact, an heirloom quilting technique. It has been with us since the earliest New England quilts were being made. It's a rewarding technique which allows you to create your own motifs and patterns for completely individual quilt blocks, projects and even whole cloth quilts: yes, stenciling really does allow you the freedom to create whatever you wish.


The gallery below is just a snapshot of my better known stencil quilts; I've made many more and I'll keep using this technique for as long as I quilt. I hope these quilts below convince you to give stenciling a go.

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