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Dear Quilter,

If you have completed any of my quilts or projects, I invite you to submit your quilt to my Open Quilt Gallery. It will be a page on this website where we can all enjoy viewing each other's quilts from around the world. 

Please remember to leave me a message

so I can connect your quilt images to your name!


Please remember to leave me a message so I know who you are!


Please send images of your completed quilt in the highest possible resolution. Please don't shrink down your image size as this reduces quality. Once received, I will create your gallery spot. I will be creating these on a weekly basis, so please be patient.


The File Upload box above adds your images directly to my Gallery Dropbox file. Send as many uploads as required.


In the message area, please list your name (or name you would like listed) and location as well as any other details as you like. If you don't want to add your actual name for privacy reasons, please list whatever details you are comfortable with instead. 

Thank you for sharing your work for all of us to enjoy. I can't wait to see what you've made. 



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