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Everything you need to know about my BOMs

I established Esther's Blog: BOM Quilt Group as a worldwide community for quilters to come together and share their quilting interests.


I’m passionate about making quilts in a Group setting and my BOM Group gives any interested quilter the opportunity to take in my original quilt pattern BOMs at no cost. To this end, I release at least 1 significant BOM year and usually release Christmas projects and other projects throughout the year also- completely free of charge. Additionally, members are also entitled to purchase my new pattern releases at heavily discounted prices for a limited time (usually $4.80 for 48 hours) so anyone on any budget can take part in my designs.


To take part in the free BOMs and projects, you need to be a member of my BOM Group. Membership is free. As well as the current Free BOM, members can make any of my patterns or projects in the Group at any time: in fact there’s usually a few quilts going on at the same time.  


Previous BOMs and other my quilt patterns are available for sale in selected quilt shops and online. Any quilter making one of my projects is welcome to join our thriving and supportive Group.

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What's the Esther's Blog: Bom Quilt Group?

It's a group that's been set up exclusively for quilters to discuss and share any of my projects online. It's specific to my own work and designs, so if you have any questions or would like to share your own ideas and tips, this is the place to do it. Once in the Group, feel free to fully take part in our exciting and supportive community, we’re more than just an online quilting group, we’re a friendship group as well.

Can Anyone Join?

Anyone who is interested in quilting, who agrees to our Group Rules and abides by our Group standards is welcome to join and take part in our active and friendly Group.

What Are The Group Rules?

Our Group is generously Moderated by a team of skilled quilters, we all love quilting and want to welcome everyone who's keen to share their work, ideas and pics in a friendly supportive environment. Don't spam us with advertising, sales, links to your shop, rudeness, memes or arguments. 

How Does It Work?

Current BOM Blocks are released on a monthly basis and are free for 1 month only. You can download the current BOM Block via my Bom Group.

Blocks are always released on the 15th  of the month. If we have more than 1 pattern being released in any month, it will usually be released a few days apart to prevent file overload in the Group.

What Do I Need To Take Part?

To download my digital patterns, you will need a PDF Reader (Version 10 or later). You can download Adobe PDF Reader for free from the Adobe website.


You will need to know how to download a PDF document onto your computer.


You will need to know how to print out the PDF document without shrinking it. You can read a tutorial about printing my patterns by clicking here. 

Where Can I Download the Blocks?

Free patterns and blocks are available in my BOM Group.  You may use the blocks for your own private use. You may not distribute or share my blocks or patterns. Missed blocks can be purchased via my online shop.

Ensure your printer is set to print at 100% from PDF and is not printing re-sized or shrink to fit. To read more about this, and see visual examples, read my 'How To Print My Patterns' tutorial over on my blog or click on the title of this question to directly link there. Don't skip this step, its important that your patterns print accurately and that your "1 inch" box lines print at 1 inch.

What if I Miss a Block?

Missed blocks can be purchased via my online shop. Blocks may not be shared or distributed: doing so is a breach of Copyright.

How Can I Use Downloaded Patterns or Blocks?

Patterns and Blocks are for your own exclusive private use only. Yes, you may exhibit any pattern or block made from or based on my design; in quilt shows, on your blog or website and any other exhibition or showcase as you like.


In such instances I am to be identified as the designer of the block.

Can I Share Your Pattern With My Friend?

No. You are not entitled to distribute my work and I ask that you don't violate my Copyright. I know that you want to do the right thing, so if in doubt, please contact me. If you have specific circumstances you can email or privately message me within the Group and I will respond to you.

What About Your Blog?

My BOM Group and Blog are interconnected and should be read and followed together.  Unfortunately we haven't found a platform or forum that allows us to do everything in one place so between The BOM Group and my Blog, we have mostly everything covered.  If you are making one of my quilts, please remember to check in on my blog where you'll find the Quilt Archives and stay up to date with fabric, design, pattern and release advice. 

What Are The Quilt Archives?

Over on my blog, under my blog banner, there are blog pages. These pages have been dedicated to specific quilts.


On these pages, any relevant blog posts have been collated to assist quilters find posts about specific blogs quickly and easily. With new quilts, there is even the option of you adding your own blog post relating to a quilt or its tutorial to the active links so that other quilters can find and benefit from your experience.


I call these pages Quilt Archives because they catalogue everything relevant about any given quilt and allow other quilters to contribute.


Can I Add A Tutorial To A Quilt Archive?

Yes! It's important that you link your blog post URL and not just your general blog URL - otherwise, how will people be able to find the specific posts in months or years down the track? The post has to be relevant to the quilt. 


You'll notice that the Love Entwined Archive has numerous contributors who have shared their work methods and progress for the benefit of everyone to learn from and enjoy. These links will be helpful for years to come and are a really beneficial tool for new quilters too. It's an extension of our Yahoo BOM Group mentality and shows you how generous and thoughtful our members are to share and contribute their time and work in this way.


We really are so fortunate to be part of such an active and friendly quilting Group. I am reminded again and again of just how talented and giving our Members are.

What's the Next BOM going to be?

It’s always changing. There’s a yearly ‘current’ free BOM on offer and usually a few projects are offered throughout the year during holiday seasons as well. I am currently working through my own personal Quilting To Do list, which covers a wide range of ideas and techniques. Which one I decide to tackle next depends on my own personal inspiration at the time. I usually discuss upcoming ideas on my blog. 

Copyright Matters!

Copyright and ownership rights are always an important issue, even when items are provided for free. They protect, respect and maintain the basic integrity of work. As an original designer, I feel very strongly about upholding the intention with which any designs by any person or artist are offered. Do not share, distribute or copy my files. I am the only person entitled to do this.

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