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Downloading & Printing my Patterns

How can I download your patterns?

You need a PDF Reader in order to download and print my patterns

You can download a PDF Reader for free via
If you already have a PDF Reader, please ensure that it’s updated


When you purchase a pattern from my online store, it is made available to you as a ‘digital pattern’ and this means that it is made available to you as a PDF document. Once you have paid, the PDF document is immediately available for you to download and you have 24 hours in which to use the live link automatically provided.



How can I print your patterns?

All patterns available in my shop are ‘digital patterns’. Each digital pattern has been set to print easily at home, on a domestic printer (using A4 paper).


When you print the PDF document, it is important that you ensure your home printer does not ‘re-size’ the PDF document (this is very common). You want the document to print at ‘True Size’ or ‘100% with no re-scaling’. This can be configured in your printer settings. Be sure to check this before your print. My pattern pages include a “1 inch size test” on each page which allows you to double check that the pattern is size accurate before you begin working from it.


I have a “How to Print my Pattern” tutorial over on my blog which includes images form the printer configuration screen to help users. Please click here now to view this tutorial.

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