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Dear Quilter,


Love Entwined:1790 Marriage Coverlet is one of those once in a lifetime quilts. It's also a quilt which has caught the eye of many quilters from all over the world - and with this diversity comes a range of styles. All are so beautiful in their own unique way -and so engaging too, I would love to see them all lined up in one place!


If you have completed Love Enwtined or a variation of Love Entwined or a project based on the design elements of Love Entwined, I invite you to submit your quilt project to my Love Entwined Gallery. It will be a page on this website where we can all enjoy viewing each other's quilts from around the world. 


Eventually when enough quilts are completed, I intend to compile them for publication in a coffee table book which we can all enjoy and possibly even hold an exhibition at that time too. This book will be made completely for our own pleasure - and be sold on a not for profit basis. However we are a few years away from that eventuating so until enough quilts are created, I will wait and enjoy images instead.



submit your quilt today!

Please send images of your completed quilt in the highest possible resolution. Please don't shrink down your image size as this reduces quality. Once received, I will create your LE gallery spot and I will be creating these on a weekly basis.

Send through as many images as required, don't worry about overloading my Dropbox - there's plenty of room for these large images. 


Please detail the following:

  • Your name 

  • Your location


And if you like, let us know more:

  • Why did you decide to undertake this project?

  • What's been your favourite part?

  • What's been the most challenging?

  • What inspired your fabric and colour choices?

  • What range did you opt for?

  • Have you ever thought about the original maker? Who do you think she was?

  • How long did it take you to make?


These questions are just suggestions, please feel free to comment and share your own LE journey as suits you. 

- Esther

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