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Pink and yellow rose flowers with eucaly

Block of the Month 2019 FAQ

What's a BOM?

BOM stands for 'Block of the Month' which is when a quilt pattern is released in monthly installments for you to download and create. 

How Do I Access The BOM 2019 Pattern?

Right here on my website, via the 'BOM 2019 LOGIN' Page.


How Do I Start?

Buy the 2019 BOM. Once payment is complete, register and sign into the BOM 2018 Login Page. You can also find this Login via the menu bar at the top of this website and via links from my blog.

Note: All payments are securely processed by PayPal. Please do not send me payment details, I do not process payments outside of the PayPal process.  

How Do I Login?

When you Login the first time, your access to the 2019 BOM Download Area will be 'pending approval.' I will approve your access within 1 working day of registering. From that point onward, you will simply log in and download the patterns that interest you, anytime you want.

What is on the Login Page?

Your sign-in details. You access the 2019 BOM Download Area with private sign in details. Once inside, you can download files each month as and when they become available. 

How Often Can I Login?

As often as you like. Patterns will be updated regularly, so be sure to check in and download the patterns you are interested in. 


Can I Share My Login?

No. Doing this is a breach of Copyright. Purchasing my BOM 2019 entitles you to access all the BOM patterns I release within a limited time frame: namely 2019. You are not entitled or permitted to share, distribute or sell your access to BOM 2019.

Is This A New Group?

No, BOM 2019 is not a separate "Group". Purchasing my BOM 2019 grants you access to a pattern download page. It's a download area, not a 'Group.' 


Is Your BOM Group Changing?

No, my BOM Group over on Facebook will stay the same.

Will your 2018 BOM patterns be available in your Facebook BOM Group?

No. Only free files are available in my Facebook BOM Group. 


Each year I release at least 1 free BOM. Those files are available in my BOM Group for free. Hold Onto Your Heart will ONLY be available via your private login area when you buy my BOM 2019.

Can I Show My Progress Over In Your Group?

Yes of course, in fact I encourage it and hope to see lots of member's progress. My Group is where ALL my patterns are discussed, shown and commented on, so go right ahead. It doesn't matter if you think you're the only person making one of my patterns. If it's my pattern, it belongs there and we want to see it. 

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