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My Essential  Toolkit


These are the essential items I regularly use in my own studio, reference in my patterns and blog posts. Some of the items listed below may contain affiliated links. I create these links (when available) for the purpose of funding blog giveaways. If you prefer not to utilize affiliate links, simply don't use them. 


Here it is - my daily essential applique glue everyone always asks me about. I always buy it in the 6gram smaller size as it's easier to use in applique.


I used to think this glue was 'starch' and have since been corrected on that point - but it's still my staple. It's effective yet washes away like a dream and doesn't gum up my machine when sewing.

Release paper 

I use these applique sheets frequently; they come into their own when you are creating multi layer applique motifs and scenes. You can also use parchment paper in this same way. 

I always use Roxanne Basting glue to 'pin down' my applique shapes.

This is the exact pin tip glue bottle I'm always being asked about. You can also purchase refills. I have tried other basting glues and so far this is my favourite 

Bias Tape Maker - 9mm

This  hard to find 9mm bias tape maker is perfect for 'stems' in floral applique.

Mini Iron

Perfect for pressing on the spot and for working with smaller blocks

Spring tension embroidery hoop

This hoop makes stitching details onto applique shapes (both by hand and machine) a lot faster and easier than traditional hoops.

Stenciling & Painting

If you're interested in using paint, crayons and pigment textures with your fabrics, I have an informative page dedicated to these techniques over on my blog. Simply click here now to visit. 

Caran D'Ache Water soluble 2

These are the crayons I paint with and use to shadow, highlight and embellish fabrics. You can use them directly, with or without textile mediums for additional effects, or as 'wash' to change colour tones. 

Permaset Aqua

The 'advantage' of Permaset paints is how colourfast they are - these are professional grade saturated pigments that match commercial steadfastness wash after wash without any need for additional textiles fixers or mediums. The formula already contains all the 'mediums' required to set the paint. The limited shade range can be mixed  as required. 

There are many Textile Mediums and brands on the market.


I have personal experience and success with the Jo Sonja range of mediums for over 15 years, including this Textile Medium and Retarder  specifically which makes crayons and other colour mediums 'fast' when used according to directions. 

The Best Quilter's Handcream

Greaseless, stainless and perfect when creating applique, handling fabrics, sewing and quilting.

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