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 Update July 2019 

Wrapt In Love is now available as a monthly subscription!

I know some of you don't want to join my Group over on Facebook because you don't like the Facebook platform.

I am no longer using free PDF file services on my blog due to Copyright infringements.

This left those of you not on Facebook at a disadvantage. 

Since this BOM started, many of you have reached out to me, asking for an alternative way to access this pattern.

You can now take part in this BOM for $1.50 USD per month.

This fee covers the expense of the service that automatically delivers the pattern parts to you each month for the duration of the BOM. I know it's not free to you as it is to my Group Members, but this is the challenge of providing access in a digital age whilst maintaining accountability. I hope this low fee works for you. 

Wrapt In Love

   February 15th - November 15th 2019   

OK, let’s talk big bold blooms

because this design is all about abundant flowers!

Finished size: 82 x 82 inches

Wrapt In Love is a quilt that demands your attention. The florals are large and showy, dominating the centre with their whimsy and style. Here are four unique flowers bursting with personality—for each one wants to be picked by you, wrapped up and finished with a bow. Each bouquet is titled after a woman’s name that means ‘love’: Amoris, Carita, Delaris and Elska.


Now, let’s talk about that bow—it takes pride of place in the centre of the quilt as a puffy looped beauty that is repeated in a smaller size in the border. And the fun doesn’t stop there: the centre sashing is a ribbon block and you can play this style element up or tone it down—it all depends on the colour you choose to run through your statement centre. And the surrounding squares are also the perfect spot to use up your favourite fabrics in some gorgeous stash busting, or simply fussy cut to make a real statement.


The border is made up of basket blocks that are topped with twirling vines—a real opportunity to show off those fabrics with either a complimentary or contrast scheme. Those baskets are big enough to let your favorite fabrics breath without taking over the design and the vines are ready for you to play with. Green? Red? Blue? It’s up to you!

Wrapt In Love is my Free BOM for 2019: it is only available to my online Quilt Group Members. It can't be downloaded anywhere else and won't be available for sale until 2020.

Members, find the Pattern Intro and Part 1 in the Group Files area. 

The first progress pics are already in and they're each as fabulous and dynamic as you'd expect from this design. Join in the fun and adventure - head on over to my Group. I can’t wait to see your very own Wrapt In Love quilt top take shape as you start on this fun adventure.

 About my free quilt patterns & BOMs

Each year I offer at least 1 free Block of the Month pattern. All my free patterns are genuinely free. You can simply download it when it gets released each month. All my file releases are genuine 'real' patterns and not 'cheap' free versions of my work and my Copyright, as always, still applies to all downloads. You may not share your download or the file or print out of the file with anyone.

Free BOMs are always released on the 15th of each month.

Download available free blocks from my online quilt Group over on Facebook. This Group has a 'FILES" area, and you simply download the latest block from the Files area.

BOMs are free during the currency of their release. During this period you can join in at any time and also download any missed previous blocks. After any BOM ends, it will be available for sale from my Online Pattern Shop. The BOM is only free during the release schedule. So if you love it, download whilst it's free and let your friends know about it too.

If you're making any of my patterns or projects, be sure to join my BOM Group where you can connect with others making my designs and sharing progress pictures, ideas and encouragement.


Membership is Moderated. It's so much more than just a 'Group'; it's a friendly community of talented women sharing their work. 


BOM Notes!

All current BOMs are released monthly and the current month is always free to members of my BOM Group

Missed blocks or previous BOMs can be purchased from my Online Shop


If you are making any of my BOMs, please check out the BOM Archives which are over on my blog - these are dedicated pages with active links which allow you can browse blog posts relevant to specific quilts. If you have a blog yourself, you can even add your own progress and tutorials to the specific quilt linky to assist others in the future.

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