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Barbara Baker

Barbara Baker of BC, Canada has created a dreamy Love Entwined quilt. She has called her quilt 'Love and Friendship' and has left off the swag border (the double bows) because she doesn't like swags. Fair enough! I must say, it doesn't detract one jot from this incredible work. The colours are a dream, so gentle yet so enticing. I love it when gentleness demands attention and Barbara has managed to create just the right balance.


The workmanship is incredible too. You won't be surprised to hear that this quilt just won "Excellence in Workmanship for Applique" at the Awards Ceremony of the Canadian Quilter's Association.

Every LE is as unique as it's maker, thank you Barbara for sharing your wonderful quilt with us. 

The images displayed in the Love Entwined Gallery have been submitted by their maker's and are Copyright.

You may not save, download, copy, store or use them without the express permission of each individual maker. 

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