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Bunny has created a wonderful Love Entwined Quilt - made in harmonious fabric tones that shine. I am head over heels with this beauty and besotted with all the lovely details you'll be able to see for yourself in the close up images. Of course, we all know and love Bunny as the talented quilter that she is whilst also being known to many of us as one of our tireless Moderators over in the BOM Group. How she finds the time to continue creating beautiful quilts in such quick succession I don't know, but I'm sure glad she does! Here's what Bunny has to say about her Love Entwined journey:

"I decided to undertake this project being one of Esther’s followers on her Yahoo list at the time. I remember when she launched it I wrote a comment, that it was going to be like eating an Elephant one bite at a time.  Well believe me it was that and more. For years I disliked applique but then I found a mystery BOM that Esther was launching and I started since it was one block a month and I did not know what was to come I managed to do it. It was her Hearts Desire quilt and I was hooked.


Love Entwined was  different as I was able  to see the whole pattern before I started.  It sure made me gasp, to myself wondering if I could ever do it. I dug in and did the center square. I had to improvise with some Machine embroidery and some hand embroidery and then I started the first round of borders to be attached to the center square then had a lot of trouble with pain in my hands.  I then put it aside for several months and for some reason this quilt kept begging me to try again. So back to it after some months.


I did two of those borders on my embroidery machine and was not thrilled but did not have enough fabric to redo them. You see I used what I had in my stash for it all.  I had so many pastels and wanted to use them.. you see my favourite colour is Aqua.

From start June 2013 until May 2016 this quilt evolved.  My only inspiration was Esther and her wonderful work and patterns.  The end of June my Long arm quilter Debbie Winn picked it up and did an amazing job quilting it for me. You see after all that work I did not want to mess it up trying to push pull under my domestic machine. 


I have enjoyed my journey making this quilt/coverlet and thought maybe in 1790 I could picture a large group of ladies in bonnets and long dresses all sitting together working on this quilt/coverlet, maybe even under candle light.  I am so thankful that I was able to make this quilt with a lot of help from Esther and her list of quilters from all around the world. "



The images displayed in the Love Entwined Gallery have been submitted by their maker's and are Copyright.

You may not save, download, copy, store or use them without the express permission of each individual maker. 

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