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Jenn Rice Dewey

"My name is Jenn Rice Dewey and I am from Scotts Valley, California, USA 

I loved the pattern from the first time I saw it. I loved working on all of the pattern. Each time I started a new part I loved what I was doing. I love any kind of a challenge. I always seem to pick things to do that will give me a challenge. 

I heard someone say that in the 1790's they used bright colors. I wondered if the lady that first made the coverlet was a young girl adding to her wedding things for after she was married. I started this quilt 3 ½ years ago. I could only work on it when I wasn't working to take care of my parents. 


I want to thank Esther for allowing us to have this pattern. It was very challenging but also fun. It makes me want to be more challenged in the future."


The images displayed in the Love Entwined Gallery have been submitted by their maker's and are Copyright.

You may not save, download, copy, store or use them without the express permission of each individual maker. 

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