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Jenny Henry

Jenny Henry of New Zealand always puts so much emotion and passion into her quilts, it's really no surprise that her Love Entwined quilt has turned out so beautifully and that it has also been recognized by winning two awards from the Auckland Festival of Quilts 2016 : Best Large Quilt and Best Machine Applique.

As you'll see from the images presented here, Jenny has paid special consideration to each fabric and thread used in the quilt and this dedication to detail and it's arrangement in the quilt combines to create a very special masterpiece.

Jenny, your dedication and workmanship is an inspiration to all of us, thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt for us all to enjoy!


The images displayed in the Love Entwined Gallery have been submitted by their maker's and are Copyright.

You may not save, download, copy, store or use them without the express permission of each individual maker. 

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