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Nancy Wyman

What a surprise it was to find out that someone had completed LE! Well, Nancy Wyman was the first and I was delighted when she contacted me with some images. As you can see, Nancy has done an incredible amount of work and picked just the right fabrics to make her LE special and unique to her. What a beauty! Here's what Nancy has to say about her LE journey:


"First heard of LE from a chance meeting with Jeanne Sullivan at quilt shop in Annapolis, Md. back in July, 2013. I started the project in August of that year, never intending to make the whole thing - just wanted the center medallion as a wall hanging. But as it grew, I made the decision to do “just one more” border and in July of 2015, I completed the entire thing.


I’d been attracted to the color scheme on the pattern sheet, and having a large collection of pastels that I seldom used, decided to limit my fabric selection to those soft colors that I had. I had to make three or so additions in order to round out the color scheme and think it worked well.


When I first began the quilt, I had been diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer. Over the two years of work the disease made some progress, necessitating a craniotomy last November and a partial lung resection in February. Both operations were successful  and I am now on a course of chemotherapy that seems to be doing it's job. I found the work on Love Entwined to be a great comfort to me and hope I will be able to continue needlework for many years to come."

Nancy Wyman



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