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Dottie Cincis

Dottie Cincis of Southern California has created a jaw dropping Love Always in this beautiful colour pallette.  


Dottie tells us it's 'machine appliqued on an old 1970 Singer sewing machine using a zig zag stitch. Home machine quilted by Irene Chang. This is my favorite quilt I’ve ever made. It will be given to my daughter after I’ve had it in my home for a while (it’s going to be very hard to part with!)'

Well Dottie I quilted my best quilts on a 1950s Elna so I can attest that old machines are the best machines and certainly no barrier to making incredible quilts. Wow, yours is a true beauty and I know your daughter will cherish it. Although, you may be tempted to make another. I'm personally making 3 x! 

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