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Quilter's Directory!

My Quilter's Directory launches next month, May 2017.


I get asked about quilt and fabric shops all the time and receive dozens of emails each week from quilters who are interested in finding finding small local business to support, stores they can drive to as part of a road trip or holiday and other quilters who just want to find new retailers online to ship internationally.

I'm so excited to finally add a Quilter's Directory listing space to my blog! My worldwide readership is passionate about purchasing fabric and always looking for suppliers.  


  • List Your Shop: a shop listing is only $59.95 USD per year. Yes, that’s right, the fee is yearly, not monthly. Talk about reasonable! That’s less than $5 per month! Each listing includes full shop details, pictures and direct linking to your own site or social media. Outstanding value for a listing that stays 'current' and active all year round to a motivated and specific audience. 

$59.95 USD

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