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Dear Quilter,


Love Entwined:1790 Marriage Coverlet is one of those once in a lifetime quilts. It's also a quilt which has caught the eye of many quilters from all over the world - and with this diversity comes a range of styles. All are so beautiful in their own unique way -and so engaging too, that I know, I can't possible be the only person who want's to compile these quilts into a beautifully presented image book? 


I'm seriously thinking of creating such a book. When enough 'entries' are received I intend to compile them for publication in a coffee table book which we can all enjoy. This book will be made completely for our own pleasure - and be sold on a not for profit basis. In fact, I'm currently thinking about creating such a book with an international Print on Demand publisher which means that costs will be kept as low as possible whilst keeping the quality high. Afterall, it will serve as one of those books we'll want to pour over for years to come. At the moment, I'm still thinking aloud about how this book will take shape. 


So I'd like to invite you to keep this in mind as you make your own Love Entwined quilt or a variation based on elements from the original. 


In the upcoming weeks, I'll be adding an app to this page where you can upload high quality images and fill in details of your own special Love Enwtined. At that stage, I will have a page layout standard for you to view as well as image requirements. I would really like to see a main image of the quilt as well as several detail shots, but it will depend on the publication format too.  I expect that we won't be ready to publish for at least another year or two as this is one of those long term projectcts and I don't see enough quilts being ready for publication before 2016 at the earliest. However, I might be proven wrong, who knows?


It's something to keep in mind, and something I'd love to hear your feedback on too. 


Please continue checking back on this page for updates and consider whether you'd like to add your own quilt for inclusion in this very special project. 


To comment on this idea, please visit my Yahoo BOM Group where this will be an ongoing topic. 

a Love Entwined Coffee Table Book ?

what do you think ?

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