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Love Entwined: 1790  Marriage Coverlet


This gallery has been established to showcase the work of quilters worldwide as they undertake the epic, once in a lifetime quilt that is Love Entwined. All quilts are welcome for display here, including variations, interpretations and projects based on key design motifs and elements.


The aim of this gallery is to share the joy of this quilt with each other whilst celebrating our unique workmanship and interpretation of the intriguing, mysterious and nearly forgotten original. This gallery will grow as quilters around the world finish and then submit their quilts. Some quilters are waiting to exhibit their quilts before publishing them here, so please visit regularly to see new quilt entries.


With many thanks to each and every quilter who has taken the time to generously submit their entry for all of us to enjoy. 


This pattern was a free 18 month applique BOM which was released in the hopes of reviving the legacy of the lost and forgotten original. There's just so much to say and explore about this quilt, that I recommend you follow these links for further info. 


To read more about the Love Entwined story, click here


To purchase the pattern, click here


To submit your own Love Entwined quilt project click here


To add a linky of your blog posts connected to this quilt, click here


To join my BOM Group and take part in my free BOMs, click here 

The images displayed in the Love Entwined Gallery have been submitted by their maker's and are Copyright.

You may not save, download, copy, store or use them without the express permission of each individual maker. 

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